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Our Projects

If you think you might be ready to quit smoking, there could be a research study that’s right for you. The Quit Smoking Research Program at Brown University’s Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies is currently conducting several studies to learn which methods are most effective for helping smokers quit. Participants receive free counseling and free FDA-approved study medications, including nicotine patch. To find out more about our free research programs that can help you quit smoking,


1. Project PPT-S

Do you want to Stop Smoking?

What are the keys to quitting smoking and staying quit? What roles do your mood and your personality play in how you quit smoking? Investigators at Brown University are conducting a research study to test whether a smoking cessation program that includes nicotine replacement therapy, text messaging support, and counseling focused on improving moods and using personal strengths can help smokers quit for good.  Participants receive, at no cost, individual counseling, nicotine replacement therapy and text messaging support.

Call (401) 863-6681 for more information or visit

2. Project REDUCE

Research Study for Cigarette Smokers who Received Drinking or Drug Treatment in the Past Year

Have you received treatment for drinking or drug use in the past year?  A 6-month research study is being conducted to compare the effects of smoking cigarettes that vary in nicotine content for 6 weeks.
May earn up to $599 in store gift cards.
If interested call:  (401) 863-6464 or toll-free at 1-877-374-6577
3. Project Get Fit to Quit
Do You Want to Quit Smoking but are concerned because you are already overweight?We are conducting a research study for cigarette smokers who have struggled to control their weight and are interested in quitting smoking with little or no weight gain.

  • You will receive counseling at no cost to you to help you manage your weight & quit smoking.
  • Nicotine patches and gum will be provided at no cost.
  • You will be compensated for your time.

Call (401) 648-9495 for more information.