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19 Jun Posted by in blog | Comments

The Quit Smoking Buzz – Low, Light or Mild Cigarettes not safer.

  Many smokers believe that if they smoke cigarettes that are labelled as lights, mild, or low in tar, that they are smoking a more healthy cigarette.  Researchers are trying to get the message out to these smokers that these cigarette types are no less harmful than their “regular” counterparts.   The FDA consumer reports […]


13 Jun Posted by in blog | Comments

The Quit Smoking Buzz – Ties between Secondhand Smoke & Kids’ Bladder Infections

Researchers from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Rutgers University have taken a look at why some children are more likely than others to get severe bladder infections.  One thing they found in their survey was that secondhand smoke was tied to more serious bladder irritations. “Study Ties Secondhand Smoke to Bladder Irritation in Kids by Mary Elizabeth Dallas  […]


11 Jun Posted by in blog | Comments

The Quit Smoking Buzz – What does Genetics have to do with Quitting Smoking?

Genetics and it’s link to success rates with quitting smoking is a very new area of study and will be something will look at in the coming years. “A person’s genetic make up may influence their chances of successfully giving up smoking, according to an NIH-funded study published in the 30 May online issue […]


06 Jun Posted by in blog | Comments

Quit Smoking 101 – Why is quitting cigarette smoking so hard? – Answer #1

Why is quitting so hard? Many ex-smokers say quitting was the hardest thing they ever did. Do you feel hooked? You are probably addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is in all tobacco products. Nicotine makes you feel calm and satisfied. At the same time, you feel more alert and focused. The more you smoke, the more […]


05 Jun Posted by in blog, Uncategorized | Comments

The Quit Smoking Buzz: Rhode Island bill would ban smoking in cars that children are in.

  What are your thoughts on this possible bill being passed in Rhode Island?     RI bill would ban smoking when kids are in cars. via | May 10, 2012 “A Rhode Island state senator wants to add to the list of places people can’t smoke — in cars when children are present.  South Kingstown Democrat […]