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30 Nov Posted by in blog | Comments

It really is Never, Ever too late to give up smoking!

  Older people can sometimes resign themselves to the fact that if they have not quit smoking at that point in their life, they never will.  Plus many feel that the damage is done, so why bother quitting at this late-a-stage-in-the-game.  New research is contradicting this mindset.  Researchers are suggesting that older American reconsider their […]


06 Aug Posted by in blog | Comments

Parents Who Smoked Only in Adolescence Still More Likely to Have Kids Who Smoke. Looking at Genetics and the Urge to Smoke.

Kids who’s parent’s quit smoking even before they were born are still at a higher risk for taking-up the habit.   “In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers discovered that the children of people who smoked only in their teenage years were still 3.2 times more likely to also pick up the habit, […]


25 Mar Posted by in blog | Comments

Second Hand Smoking Device Might Save Lives.

Professors at Dartmouth have developed a second hand smoking device which just might save lives. By Laura Weiss, The Dartmouth Staff   3/25/13  “The first small, mobile secondhand smoke detector,… can record exposure in real time, display results on the device and send them to a remote smartphone or computer”…and may “help reduce childhood exposure to […]


07 Jan Posted by in blog | Comments

Smoking | Quitting Smoking made a little easier via Text Messages.

Quitting Smoking made a little easier via Text Messages. (IMAGE SOURCE –      In the U.K.-based program called Txt2stop, researchers sent smokers encouraging text messages, like the one above, to help them quit.)   December 03, 2012 3:21 AM Information via by PATTI NEIGHMOND Copyright ©2012 National Public Radio. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For […]


16 Oct Posted by in blog | Comments

Smoking | The Prime Minister of Russia wants to Ban Tobacco Ads

Via the Associated Press  NATALIYA VASILYEVA  Moscow October 16, 2012 (AP) “Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday called for a ban on all tobacco ads, as the government prepares a bill that would also phase out smoking in public. World Health Organization says that some 40 percent of Russia’s adult population smokes,…” To Read the […]